Fiction and Non-Fiction Editing Services

Manuscript Evaluation

I can provide honest feedback of your work and offer suggestions to improve its marketability.

Structural and Substantive Editing

I can help you organize the overall structure and give you ideas on how to improve your work as a whole.

Copy Editing

I can check over your work for spelling, syntax, grammar, consistency, and logic.


Once your work has been laid out, I can give it a final look to make sure you are presenting your writing the way you would like the world to see it.


Working from the finished pages of your non-fiction manuscript, I can create a logical system to help your readers find information quickly.

Media and Genres


Novels, short stories, and poetry.


Books, how-to, manuals, reports, résumés, grant proposals, press releases and other marketing materials, website text, blogs, newsletters, and magazines.

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